JFCGI - JuicyFields Community Group of Interests

What if...

Imagine that you have spent much of your savings to buy plants at JuicyFields and you wake up one morning and then...


Maybe you immediately worry that everything is lost. What can you do? If you are alone, - probably next to nothing. When we e-growers are united in a group, in such event we can contact everyone, invite all to a chat group, discuss what we together can do and do it. That is the only goal of this group. Protect our investments and interests. And take action if we are tricked.

Together we are stronger

» Join JFCGI and you are not alone in a disaster situation «

How to join? It's simple. Fill out the form below with your name or nickname and a working email. Submit it and follow the instructions in the email you receive. That's it. It's free. We do not send regular newsletters, spam or anything else. We do not share your email address with anyone. The members of this group will be contacted through their emails only in the event of a disaster. We assume that will never happen. It's just a safety precaution.

Who are the initiators of the group? We are a few e-growers in Europe. There is not much more interesting to say about it.